Facilitating improved patient care is central to everything we do at Oculo.

We are using technology to innovate and reinvent the meaning of collaborative care, growing the patient care network and closing the communications loop.

What is Oculo?

Oculo is a cloud-based clinical communications platform that facilitates the secure, instant transfer of clinical imaging, referrals, and other clinical correspondence securely and instantly between health care professionals, facilitating truly collaborative patient care.

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Who uses Oculo?

Who uses Oculo?

Oculo was founded by the Centre for Eye Research Australia to connect optometrists and ophthalmologists instantly and securely with a vision to improving care for the over 3 million Australians and New Zealenders who live with chronic eye disease. Our vision for improving patient care is now global and has the ability to connect a patient’s collaborative care team securely, seamlessly and quickly.

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What your colleagues are saying about Oculo

Oculo is straightforward to use, allowing us to easily triage our referrals therefore ensuring fast and appropriate patient care.

Leanne Cooper

Practice Manager, Retina Consultants

Ophthalmologists can access quality information from across the country to provide more timely, better-informed care.

Assoc. Prof. Angus Turner

Lions Outback Vision, Perth

Easy, convenient and streamlined. Oculo is the way for the future of collaborative patient care.

Andrew Watkins

Optometrist, Canberra

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