The Optical Company joins the Oculo network

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The Optical Company (TOC) has added their portfolio of 38 optometry stores to the Oculo network.

TOC’s brands include Kevin Paisley, Stacey & Stacey Optometrists, nib Eyecare Centres, Prevue Eyewear, OCO, The Optical Warehouse, and their newest addition, Level 28.

“The Optical Company’s core values are to deliver premium quality eyewear and optometry care. Communication and collaboration are an important part of our professional commitment to patients. Our association with Oculo will not only enhance the patient care in our stores but will be an instrumental part of our growth through further store acquisition” said Mr Colin Kangisser, TOC’s CEO.

“The Oculo network continues to grow, with over 1,600 optometrists and 420 ophthalmologists onboard. We are delighted to welcome The Optical Company onboard, and pleased that they extending our networks in New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland, and Victoria,” said Oculo’s CEO, Dr Kate Taylor.

“We believe that secure electronic communications are the standard of care that patients should expect. The ability to share clinical information and images in real-time helps to prevent patients from getting lost in the system.”

About Oculo

Oculo is an online clinical communications platform connecting eye care professionals. It grew out of the Centre for Eye Research Australia and was developed in collaboration with Specsavers, OPSM, and Bupa Optical. Oculo’s aim is to promote the efficiency and quality of clinical communications to support collaboration – and ultimately to help deliver the best possible care to eye patients so that they may enjoy the best possible sight. Today, over 1,600 optometrists and 420 ophthalmologists in Australia have signed on to Oculo.

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About The Optical Company

Founded in 2006, The Optical Company ‘TOC’ is a vertically integrated optical group specialising in optometry services and distribution. This retail network expands to 38 stores, as well as wholesale distribution, eye safety divisions and multiple e-commerce sites.

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