Specsavers signs a multi-year agreement with Oculo

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Specsavers have made a multi-year commitment to use Oculo, the clinical communication platform developed to connect optometrists and ophthalmologists for better patient care. The agreement covers both Australia and New Zealand, with Oculo launching in New Zealand in the second quarter of 2018.

“Oculo is a fundamental component of our ability to measure clinical activity and outcomes. Through Oculo, we can access data on detection, referral and diagnosis rates to further improve clinical standards and contribute to transforming eye health in Australia and New Zealand.” says Peter Larsen, Optometry Director for Specsavers. “For example, Specsavers-wide Oculo data will provide us with the evidence-base to show how we are closing the gap on undiagnosed glaucoma in Australia and New Zealand. That sort of information has not been available before and helps not just us and our optometrists, but also government and other health stakeholders. It adds value because it allows us to specify the impact we are making on patient wellbeing.”

“There is so much innovation in eye care - the technologies available for diagnosis and management are really exciting,” said Oculo’s CEO, Dr Kate Taylor. “So more than ever, it’s important to use technology to enhance clinical communication so that practitioners can share digital information to increase the quality and efficiency of patient care.”

 About Oculo

Oculo is an online clinical communications platform connecting eye care professionals. It grew out of the Centre for Eye Research Australia and was developed in collaboration with Specsavers, OPSM, and Bupa Optical. Oculo’s aim is to promote the efficiency and quality of clinical communications to support collaboration – and ultimately to help deliver the best possible care to eye patients so that they may enjoy the best possible sight. Today, over 1,600 optometrists and 420 ophthalmologists in Australia have signed on to Oculo.

For more information, contact press@oculo.com.au

About Specsavers

Specsavers is the leading provider of eye care and eyewear in Australia and New Zealand with 324 and 52 store locations respectively. In 2017, Specsavers optometrists performed more than 3.5 million eye examinations across the two countries and dispensed over 4.5 million pairs of glasses. For eye care, glasses and contact lenses, more Australians and New Zealanders choose Specsavers than any other optometrist.

For more information, contact charles.hornor@specsavers.com