Connecting eye care for independent optometrists

Oculo and Monkey Software announce a planned integration to enhance communication between eye care professionals

June 20th 2016

Monkey Software’s Optomate is a leading practice management software for independent optometrists in Australia and New Zealand. Oculo is a new platform to connect optometry and ophthalmology for referrals, clinical communications and secure messaging.  Today, they are pleased to announce a partnership to securely link their software platforms to streamline and enhance clinical communications for eye care.

“Independent optometrists are committed to providing the best possible quality of clinical care,” says Chris Monks, Director of Monkey Software. “We recognize that today collaborative care is an important part of optometrists’ contribution to eye care, and so we are keen to facilitate this.”

“Working with Oculo, who have grown with a vision for enhanced eye care, is a good fit for Optomate’s dedication and ongoing investment to support our optometrists’ commitment to patients,” says Mr Monks.

“The optometrists of BUPA Optical, OPSM and Laubman and Pank, and Specsavers and the many ophthalmologists in Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney provided critical input to help Oculo design and develop a bespoke system for eye care professionals. At the same time, we want to ensure that Oculo is an inclusive system that facilitates quality care for as many eye patients as possible. We want to make it easy for independent optometrists to join the Oculo network, which already exceeds 1,000 users, 215 ophthalmologists and 400 practices across Australia.” says Oculo’s CEO Dr Kate Taylor.

“Communications through Oculo will also help our optometrist users connect with GPs and other medical specialists,” said Mr Monks. “This is important both for patient care and to promote the central role of optometry in primary eye care.”

About Optomate:

Monkey Software is an Australian, owned and operated software company specialising in Practice Management Software for the optical industry. Today, more Optometrists and Optical Dispensers in Australia and New Zealand use the Optomate Practice Management System than any other system, and while Optomate’s user community continues to grow, so does Monkey Software desire to continually improve the system, making Optomate a world standard in Optical Practice Management Systems. For more information, see:

About Oculo:

Oculo is a internet-based secure messaging service to connect clinical communications between eye care professionals. It grew out of the Centre for Eye Research Australia. Oculo’s aim is to promote the efficiency and quality of clinical communications – and ultimately to help deliver the best possible care to eye patients so that they may enjoy the best possible sight. Over 3 million people in Australia and New Zealand have or are at risk of blinding eye diseases and need regular eye checks. They can get better care when eye care professionals can access to historical eye-imaging data, test results and relevant medical histories. Eye care professionals can provide better care with secure, auditable and shared clinical records. For more information, see or

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