Oculo is being used by over 1800 Optometrists and 550 Ophthalmologists throughout Australia. 
It's packed with features to support your clinical practice and grow your business.

Promote your business using the professional profile feature

The Professional Profile is a feature that provides you, the eye care practitioner, with a great way to promote you and your business directly to eye care professionals.

Promote your special interests such as Ortho K, Myopia Control, Dry Eye Clinic, and children’s vision. Get referrals from colleagues via the platform.

Be visible online when members of the public search for optometrists in their areas (SEO enabled)

Unlimited Users

You get unlimited user accounts with your subscription. Users can be practitioners, clinical support or practice managers.

Users can also be allocated to multiple locations and then simply select the location they are practicing at.

Bank-grade security

When making a referral or simply continuing the clinical communications, Oculo provides bank grade security and a two-step verification process to access patient information.

Patient Management – closing the communication loop

Searching for patients or creating new patients is a simple task with Oculo, with easy to use templates and image upload capability. 

Once you have created a referral, Oculo will help you keep track of your patient's journey. Notifications can be sent when a referral has been accepted and you will receive the patients post consultation report via the platform - closing the loop and keeping you informed.

Keep GPs and Other professionals in the loop

Oculo helps you keep your patients care as a top priority, allowing you to simply keep their GP and any other professionals in the loop.  A perfect way to also promote yourself and your practice for future referrals.

Oculo Connected

We believe that connected eye care means better patient care. Oculo provides you with the ability to provide continuity of care with a centralised patient history, including past imaging and test results.


"Secure digital messaging offers numerous benefits to optometrists including improvement for workflow efficiency and healthcare provider collaboration, in addition to added security and privacy for patient clinical information."

Genevieve Quilty
Former National Chief Executive Officer, Optometry Australia