Monkey Software and Oculo are delighted to launch the Optomate Touch-Oculo integration

May 15 th 2017

The awaited integration of Optomate Touch and Oculo goes live nationally today.

“We believe that integrating Optomate Touch with secure cloud technologies, such as Oculo, will provide our customers with a number of benefits, including increased collaboration, and aligns with our roadmap to move primary clinical functions to the cloud”, says Monkey Software CEO, Chris Monks.

“We are thrilled with our collaboration with Monkey Software as we actively reach out to Optomate users,” says Oculo’s CEO, Dr Kate Taylor. “We believe that the integration will facilitate collaborative care and close the loop of the patient journey between optometrists and ophthalmologists.”

Jason Teh, director of four practices (In2eyes, Eyes on Brighton, The Optical Shop Elsternwick and theOPTOMETRIST Tooronaga) states, “We believe that the integration improves our ability to communicate our clinical care and brings added safeguards in terms of clinical governance. Having it linked through Optomate Touch makes it easier for optometrists to use.”

Dr Taylor continues, “Any optometrist who wants to improve his or her clinical correspondence, include clinical images and benefit from better visibility of patients referred equally can use Oculo as a stand-alone programme through an internet browser. Traditional fax is inefficient and routine email is non-compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles. We believe Oculo enables a better standard of care.”

About Oculo

Oculo is an cloud-based clinical communications platform connecting eye care professionals. It grew out of the Centre for Eye Research Australia. Oculo’s aim is to promote the efficiency and quality of clinical communications to support collaboration – and ultimately to help deliver the best possible careto eye patients so that they may enjoy the best possible sight. Today, over 1,100 optometrists and 350 ophthalmologists in Australia have signed on to Oculo.

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About Optomate

Monkey Software is an Australian, owned and operated software company specialising in Practice Management Software for the optical industry. Today, more Optometrists and Optical Dispensers in Australia and New Zealand use the Optomate Practice Management System than any other system, and while Optomate’s user community continues to grow, so does Monkey Software desire to continually improve the system, making Optomate a world standard in Optical Practice Management Systems.

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