NSW State Government grants its approval for Oculo

July 11th 2016

Oculo is pleased to announce that it has been appointed to the NSW Government ICT Services Scheme as an ICT Services Advanced Supplier.

This means Oculo has been accredited to deliver against high risk contracts valued at $150,000 and more.

The review process includes an assessment of Oculo’s corporate experience, capabilities, and quality assurance programmes – including data security.

“We are delighted to be able to work with the NSW Government. The positive appraisal builds on our past review and accreditation by the New Zealand Health IT Board to serve as a cloud-based health IT service provider,” says Oculo CEO, Dr Kate Taylor. 

Oculo Chairman, Professor Jonathan Crowston of the Centre for Eye Research Australia and the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital, adds, “The medical literature is clear that when patients with chronic eye diseases, notably glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, have their review appointments delayed, there is a significant and predictable risk of vision loss and even blindness. This is unacceptable, as vision loss from these diseases is preventable through timely ophthalmic intervention.”

Dr Taylor describes, “Most public hospital eye services are overwhelmed – and it will only get worse as Australia’s population gets older and has more chronic diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. Because hospitals typically don’t connect well with optometrists and ophthalmologists in the community, public patients get “stuck” in the public system – they can’t benefit from collaborative care closer to home. This means the backlog continues to grow over time.”

She continues, “We see that Oculo can play a huge role in connecting public hospital eye services with community-based eye care providers. This could make a significant impact on waiting lists, both to reduce their size and to increase the clinical oversight of the patients on them.”

About Oculo:

Oculo is a internet-based secure messaging service to connect clinical communications between eye care professionals. It grew out of the Centre for Eye Research Australia. Oculo’s aim is to promote the efficiency and quality of clinical communications – and ultimately to help deliver the best possible care to eye patients so that they may enjoy the best possible sight. Over 3 million people in Australia and New Zealand have or are at risk of blinding eye diseases and need regular eye checks. They can get better care when eye care professionals can access to historical eye-imaging data, test results and relevant medical histories. Eye care professionals can provide better care with secure, auditable and shared clinical records. For more information, see oculo.com.au or oculo.co.nz

Media enquires should be directed to Dr Kate Taylor or to press@oculo.com.au.