While we enjoy the best health standards in the history of mankind, the health system still struggles to connect the dots - mostly by fax. Maybe it’s you, or your kids, or your family and friends, but pretty well everyone has a story about breakdowns in communication between doctors or having to repeat your story every time you see a new one. 

At Oculo, we are passionate about fixing those breakdowns (and killing the fax). We strive to create innovative and impactful products so that health professionals are better connected to deliver better patient care.  

Our team cares deeply about our mission and the impact that we can have on the health of our communities.  We believe in caring for each other and want to work in a culture that's honest and supportive.  We value transparency and continuous improvement in the ways we work, building on the insights and experiences of our whole team.

We're currently active in Australia and New Zealand, but we see our mission extending beyond those borders. Today, we are based in the heart of Melbourne’s coffee culture. Long blacks and laneways.


That sounds pretty great right? We think so! We love to hear from like-minded individuals who are excited by our mission and values. We would rather you tell us less about your laundry list of achievements, and more about what makes you, YOU!

These are the two roles we’re currently looking to hire incredible individuals for:



  1. Send us a friendly note via

  2. If your pitch is on point, we’d love to have a coffee

  3. Let’s see you in action - a role play, whiteboard session or paring session. This will also give you an opportunity to get to know us a little better too.

  4. Salary discussion

  5. Meet our CEO and welcome to the Oculo family