About Us

Oculo™ grew from the Centre for Eye Research Australia in Melbourne Australia. The head of CERA, Professor Jonathan Crowston, is a glaucoma specialist. He recognised that patients sometimes do not receive the optimal continuity of care when optometrists and ophthalmologists rely on handwritten letters and faxes to send clinical information.

The Optometry Board of Australia and the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmology reached the same conclusion, issuing revised clinical guidelines in December 2014 that mandate collaboration and communication.

We built Oculo to provide a better way for optometrists and ophthalmologists to jointly care for patients, especially the over three million Australians and New Zealanders with chronic eye disease.

What is Oculo?

Oculo is a secure cloud based network designed especially for eye care practitioners to share clinical information, referrals and other clinical correspondence between eye care professionals. 

An initiative of the Centre for Eye Research Australia (CERA), Oculo was founded to: 

  • improve patient outcomes by centralising patient medical histories, ocular examination results and clinical imagery;

  • address deficiencies in clinical communication between optometrists and ophthalmologists; and

  • deepen eye health networks and develop a stronger patient-focussed community of practice among eye care professionals.

Why is Oculo important?

We aim to promote the efficiency and quality of clinical communications – and ultimately to help deliver the best possible care to eye patients so that they may enjoy the best possible sight.

Over 3 million people in Australia and New Zealand have or are at risk of blinding eye diseases and need regular eye checks. They can get better care when eye care professionals can access to historical eye-imaging data, test results and relevant medical histories – seeing trends rather than snapshots.

Oculo eliminates the need for the slow and cumbersome processes currently used by eye care professionals and their support staff. By speeding up much of the communication around referrals, the quality of communications improves, treatments can occur more quickly and positive patient outcomes can result.

Who owns Oculo?

Oculo’s major shareholder is the Centre for Eye Research Australia, a not-for-profit medical research institute based at the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital. An angel investor who had a life-changing intervention at the Eye and Ear Hospital and wanted to give back is the other significant shareholder. No other individual or corporate involved in optometry or ophthalmology has any stake.